Nicka K New York Tyche Ceramic Tefron Professional Curling Rod - Cone 3/4"-1" #TCR-C

$26.99 $39.99

Tyche Ceramic Tefron Professional Curling Rod - Cone 3/4"-1" #TCR-C

    • New Shape No Clip, sexy, easy to create curls.
    • Up to 400'F.
    • Heat Resistant Glove & Mat included
    • Ceramic Teflon coated barrel eliminates residue build-up and wipes clean after every use
    • Instant style with no clamp - simply wrap
    • Non-stick coated barrel
    • Provides a protective barrier for the hair shaft
    • Ergonomic Design / Lightweight, durable, heat-resistant revolving handle
    •  360-degree swivel end connection to prevent tangling
    • Heat resistant safety glove & mat included 
    • 1 Year warranty 
      • Section off 1/2" to 1" wide portions of hair
      • Holding the wand downwards diagonally, away from the face
      • Starting from the roots, wrap sectioned hair upward, from the base of the wand
      • Hold hair in place for about 5-10 seconds depending on section thickness 
      • enty slide curler out, without unraveling hair


      Our smooth, revolving handle, made of quality lightweight and heat-resistant materials, maximizes turning control to coil effortless around hair. Our 360-degree swivel connection and 8 foot long cord prevents tangling.


      Our Ceramic Teflon coating effectively minimizes heat damage by providing a protective barrier between the hair and the iron. It eliminates residue build up and wipes clean for mess-free styling. Create desirable silky smooth, and frizz-free locks effortlessly.


      Our ceramic heating technology is designed to gradually reach temperatures of up to 400F smoothly, to evenly distribute heat to the hair from the inside out.