Nicka K New York Tyche Braid care collection travel size

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Nicka K New York Tyche Braid care collection travel size


All you need to take care of your braids when you hit the road for business or pleasure. With tea tree and biotin infused, Tyche Braid Hair Collection Travel Size will help maintain the health of your hair and scalp while assisting in achieving desired styles without irritation. A must carry collection for your trip!


•BRAID & LOCK GEL• 1.18 fl. oz. / 35 ml 

Moisturizing, non-flaking gel to provide extreme hold for braids, locs, twist and other styles. Perfect for your edges too.

•MINI BRAID OIL•1.69 oz. / 50 ml

Anti-itch braid oil to provide scalp care to moisturize, alleviate dryness and adds luster shine to hair.

•MINI BRAID SPRAY• 2.03 fl. oz. / 60 ml

Infused with biotin and tea tree oil, promotes hair health, and soothe the scalp for fresher braids than ever before!

•MINI BRAID MOUSSE• 1.69 fl. oz. / 50 ml

Braiding mousse to provide lasting hold, luster shine, moisture.

•MINI BRAID FOAM WASH• 1.69 fl. oz. / 50 ml

Gentle foam wash to promote scalp health, invigorates dry scalp, restore damaged hair and deeply clean without washing.

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