Afri-Naptural Kids Rock Senegalese Twist 12"

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Afri-Naptural Kids Rock Senegalese Twist 12"

Kids Rock Fresh Twists, Braids and Locs:
Here come the hottest kid styles with twists, braids and locs that ROCK! Our Kids Rock, allows to create quick and easy protective styles that make installing their hair fun! They can wear it up, they can wear it down, they can wear it twisted all around. Kids and moms will enjoy all types of styles in their hair cause Kids Rock was made with tender love and care. Natural textures that you can not compare, Kids Rock will look and feel like their own natural hair. Rock the hottest styles with Kids Rock fresh twists, braids and locs!

Available Colors:
1 1B 2 4 OM27 OM30 OMBUG

• Pre-twisted
• Crochet Loop
• Ready to Crochet
• Very Versatile
• Well Ventilated
• Lightweight Styling
• Natural Soft Texture
• Quick & Easy Twist-out
• Tangle Free Splitting