Afri-Naptural Kids Crochet Water Wave

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Afri-Naptural Kids Crochet Water Wave


“Kids Crochet Short Styles!”
Protect your natural, wear short curly protective crochet styles with Afri-Naptural Kids Crochet! Wear a tight coily fro or a short bob style with spiral curls, whichever you choose Afri-Naptural Kids Crochet has the natural look that suits you. Soft with human-like textures, Kids Crochet is finger friendly for quicker and easier crochet installations. Kids Crochet has lightweight proprietaries with a natural texture feel giving you fuller styles for each crochet look. Go short and sassy, look cute with Kids Crochet Short Styles!”

Available Colors:
1 1B 2 4 T1B/27 T1B/30 T1B/BUG

• Soft Human-Like Texture
• Finger-Friendly
• Fuller & Natural
• Lightweight
• Easy Combing & Styling